Announcement: Goodbye Tweet Rocket, Hello Swift Social. New name, new features, new pricing!

With a new year comes a new name and importantly a new approach from the team formerly known as Tweet Rocket. As many of you may know, Tweet Rocket started as a simple in-house tool to help a fledgling social media management company handle their Twitter clients. It then grew into something much, much more. After our successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, we excitedly launched our Twitter management tool and have been blown away by a whirlwind first 6 months.

We never anticipated the tool would be so well recieved by such a large number of users from all over the world. Users that have been pivotal in getting us to where we are today with their enthusiasm for the tool and all important feedback.

One common piece of feedback that we kept receiving was that despite everyone’s love for Tweet Rocket, users wanted the same set of tools at their disposal for other major social networks. We sat down and discussed our future roadmap at the end of 2015 and decided that supporting multiple social networks was the only way to go. This is something that we aim to be rolling out throughout the year. So with a new approach had to come a less Twitter-centric name.

Introducing Swift Social

Naming a company might just be one of the most laborious and time consuming practices that every startup has to go through, and trust us when we say this was far from a simple decision. We have been through hundreds of names, trying to capture not only what it is we do, but also something that reflected the ease in which it is done. We really do feel that the tool enables our users to manage their social in a swift fashion. Moving into 2016 we want to enable you, the user, to manage every major social network with ease and simplicity in a quick fashion. So we’re excited to announce Swift Social or simply: “Swift”.

A new approach to pricing

We’ve always thought of Swift as a tool for agencies and multiple account users like ourselves and not just individual businesses. This is why Swift comes with a brand new pricing structure. Whether you want more power to manage your personal social accounts, or are an agency who have a host of clients waiting for the kind of growth Swift can bring you, we have a pricing structure to suit everyone. You’ll now be able to connect up to 5 Twitter accounts for less than the price of what it used to cost you to connect 1 Twitter account.

Agency plans

Swift now comes with affordable and competitive pricing tiers to suit agencies of all sizes – whether you have 5 clients or 20 clients. We don’t believe in limits or caps, so we won’t restrict you from any of the great features depending on which package you’re on.

Annual billing

Save 10% and reduce admin costs with only 1 payment per year when you choose annual billing.

Even with these substantially lower prices, we aim to continue to adding value to the product throughout the year, starting with some brand new features and updates for the new year.

Indiegogo Backers

If you backed our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (March 2015 – May 2015) and received the FREE ACCOUNT FOR LIFE perk, then you can continue to use Swift as normal and your subscription won’t change.  Unfortunately with the new pricing tier structure, if you backed us for any of the lower perks (1, 2, 3 or 6 months free), and you haven’t yet redeemed your perk, these will now be void. Please do get in contact with us, if you have any questions about this.

New Features & Updates

  • Feed Engine 2.5 – Improved performance & preview gifs (Awesome!)
  • Follow users of other accounts
  • Agency account integration
  • New responsive frames
  • 5 new stats tracked in dashboard include: Retweets sent, Tweets Liked, Retweets of your Tweets, Likes & more.
  • Improved like & retweet suggestions.
  • Improved follower suggestions
  • General performance and speed improvements
  • Bugs Squashed

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on these updates, the name change and more when we hear from you via intercom inside the brand new Swift Social Media Management Tool.

Check out our new website and get your 14 day free trial (no credit card required) here

The Team at Swift