Two HUGE New Features for Swift Social

Hey everyone, we have been hard at work over the last month or so working on two huge new features for Swift Social. Both of which have been built to not only make your time spent in Swift Social easier, but also quicker. We have listened to your feedback and two overwhelming areas that we have been asked about on multiple occasions are “How can I easily find feeds?” and “Do you offer a managed following/unfollowing service?”. I am delighted to officially announce the launch of both our Managed Service and our Intelligent Feed Engine 3.0.

Managed Following and Unfollowing Service.

It’s finally here! Whilst we have been growing the team behind the scenes we have always had this feature in the back of our minds. We now have the minds and importantly the bodies to launch our Managed Following and Unfollowing service. It would be all to easy to automate this service, however that was the last thing we wanted to do. Firstly it’s against Twitters TOS’s and secondly we just don’t think you get the best results that way. You need a human to assess the worthiness of a follow or unfollow, so we have not been able to launch this feature until now. The best part? It’s FREE until the 5th of May for you all to try. Simply go into the new Managed Service page and enable on the account you wish our team to take over the daily following and unfollowing for.


What happens after the 5th of May?

Nothing if you don’t want it to! On May 5th all accounts that have switched on the managed service will be disabled, if you loved the results and can’t live without them then you can add it to your existing package as an add on for an additional monthly fee of $56 or £40 per month. The cost is something we have thought long and hard about and we feel is a great fee for such a time saving service, especially for you agency users out there!

Feed Engine 3.0!

After a long time of testing Kirk’s baby, his new feed engine is finally live. This specific feature was one that from the initial launch of Swift Social we knew we needed. Going off and finding RSS feeds takes time and can often be pretty fruitless. We wanted to overhaul the feed engine to allow our users to find and add feeds quickly and easily. Now you can! There are a couple of ways to add feeds, both of which I have run through in the video below, check it out and get started with the incredible new Feed Engine today!


As mentioned in the video, feedback is so important to us. We’d love to know from you guys how we can improve our features further, either comment below or get in touch via intercom!