Drive Traffic with Frames – A Swift Social Guide

In our most recent update we launched something that we are incredibly excited about. It’s called Frames, and it’s all yours. Create dynamic call to action frames to sit at the top of every link you tweet out from your curated feeds. We love services like and wanted to integrate a similar service into our own platform. It’s a small addition but boy is it powerful.

What are ‘Frames’?

Have you ever wished that you could share top quality content from the world’s favourite blogs and promote your own product, website or brand at the same time? Now you can. Just enter your ‘Frame’ details within each feed that you add, and your frames are ready to go.

To break down Frames we thought it best to provide some real world examples of just how powerful they can be and how they are incredibly adaptable to every user.

Scenario #1 – Youtube Streamer

Put yourself in the boots of a young ambitious Youtube streamer. You have a channel focused around video games, you put hours into your videos and the few people that do subscribe to your channel, absolutely love your content. How can you possibly get more eyeballs on your channel? Not just any eyeballs, interested and relevant ones.

Imagine you can add a feed from IGN, Eurogamer or another leading video game blog, sharing incredibly popular content directly to your own Twitter account. The difference being that at the top of every post you have a beautiful frame like the one below.


Scenario #2 – Furniture E-commerce Store

Imagine now that you are a provider of beautiful furniture to a specific market. What’s better than building that market in Twitter using Swift Social and sharing them engaging content? Again, ‘if you like this, check out our store’, is an intriguing call to action to drive traffic to your own store and products!


Setting up Frames

Setting up your Frames couldn’t be simpler, in the ‘manage feeds‘ section. Just simply hit the frames section and fill in your Frame details. They are broken down into 3 fields:

Frame Message


This is the call to action message that will appear in your Frame, it can vary depending on your niche but it’s completely up to you what to put in here, why not trial several different call to actions to see what works best.

Frame Button Text


This is the text that will appear directly on your button. Choose something eye-catching and snappy. To help you out, I will list some tried and tested examples that you could try below:

  • Join Now
  • Start Now
  • Start
  • Join Today
  • Find Out More
  • Subscribe
  • Browse
  • Shop Now

Frame Button Link


The final piece to your incredibly powerful frame is probably the most important! Where do you want your button to link to? Drop in the URL of wherever you wish to link to and your frame is complete. Make sure you save your feed and enjoy the tweets that are to come!

With Frames you are not only sharing content that the world loves, you are also promoting yourself in a beautifully simple way.