Following Users – A Swift Social Guide

An essential part of utilising twitter is of course the act of following others accounts, it enables you to create connections with others who share your interest and importantly, it get’s conversations started. When we set out to make Swift Social we wanted to make this creation of connections even more refined by ensuring that those you follow are not only relevant to your account but are also likely to return the favour and follow you back. It was important to us to ensure that Swift Social not only allowed you to grow just any audience, but an engaged one who is interested in the content you share and the topics you cover.

 This is all done by utilising your account interests that you entered during your sign up. These keywords play a vital role in allowing our system to go off and find users who are using not only those terms but related terms that we pull from our friends at Hashtagify using their API.

When utilising the tool and heading into the follow section you are of course met with a list, pulled from users that are tweeting about your interest from the last few minutes on Twitter. You should see something like the below screenshot.

Following Tip #1 – Get Sorting!

Swift Social has two main methods of sorting the followers, and both have their benefits depending largely on what type of account you are managing.

Type 1 – Sort by Swift Social Score

This method of sorting is extremely beneficial for any of you who are managing an account with upward of a few thousand users, your account likely has the status to attract these high scored users, meaning that despite them having a generally low follow back chance, they still could follow you back.

sort by tweet rocket score

Type 2 – Sort by f/b (follow back) Chance

If you have a smaller account, or maybe a business account this method tends to work best when it comes to growing a following quickly. Sorting these users by follow back chance allows us to feed you back only the users that are likely to follow you back relatively quickly.

sort by follow back chance

Following Tip #2 – Ask Yourself Why?

Why follow is a great little feature that gives you a quick snapshot into why Swift Social has recommended that you follow that particular individual. This is a superb feature for anyone who is extremely conscientious about each follower, or maybe for an account in a smaller or more difficult niche. Just hit the ‘Why Follow’ button next to follow and get a popup explaining in more detail why you should follow this person. Our example below shows that Kimberly is suggested due to her use of the hashtag ‘#marketing’ which is relevant to my account therefore i’m happy to follow! It’s as simple as that.

why follow suggestion

Following Tip #3 – IGNORE!

This is a great little feature that doesn’t require too much explaining, if you see someone who you know you don’t want to ever follow, be it a competitor or someone who you know does not offer any value within your niche, simply hit ‘ignore’ and you won’t be pestered by their tiny little avatar ever again in the system!

Following Tip #4 – Don’t be afraid to Splurge

Now I know we recommend only following a max of 50 users per day but in reality this is still airing on the safe side. There is nothing underhand occurring here, you are still naturally following, so if you fancy following 75-100 people because a great event in your niche is on that day then feel free. Don’t feel limited. The more you follow, the more quickly your own followers will grow. Just be sensible and treat it naturally.

Following Tip #5 – Narrow down your search, get local!

We have a great feature in follow settings called location targeting. This is incredibly useful for finding people to follow who are not only talking your talk but are doing it right near you! A great example of how this can be used to great effect comes by way of one of our current users. They knew of a huge event at the O2 Arena in London that was incredibly relevant to their account, they geo targeted the Arena itself (thanks to the joy of Google maps recognising landmarks as well as locations) set the radius to one mile and managed to capture an incredible concentration of potential new customers and followers. It’s this kind of experimentation that we love and more importantly encourage! Just remember to switch it off once your targeting is done, wouldn’t want to miss out on all those global folks!

location targeting twitter users to follow