How Top Influencer Jeff Bullas Inadvertently Fixed Tweet Rocket

One of social media’s biggest Influencers was kind enough to sign up to Tweet Rocket last week, all at Tweet Rocket HQ were over the moon and that was that, or was it? It was only later that we began to notice some new bugs cropping up in our own back end systems. All deriving from one account, our biggest account, that of one @jeffbullas. Just to be clear, technically Tweet Rocket was never broken, it worked perfectly fine for anyone with up to 10,000 followers, however for big accounts? It needed some work. Here’s what happened next. DEV TEAM ASSEMBLE!!

Craig Curchin – Production Director

Throughout the build of Tweet Rocket the dev team could only test the systems to a certain extent, although best practises would have seen us test with a plus 200k follower account it just wasn’t possible at the time. Until Jeff Bullas signed up after we offered him a free account. As we know, Jeff is one of the biggest social media influencers on Twitter with well over 300,000 followers, with all of that influence comes a hell of a lot of processing for our systems.

When we received confirmation through intercom that Jeff had signed up, we all held our breath and waited for our beloved work to fall apart… but it didn’t. We looked around, tested the systems and everything was running as smooth (if not smoother) than ever. It was only when we began further work on our analytics platform (coming soon) that we began to see a few anomalies. Jeff’s account hadn’t updated it’s data since his first day on board. This was a concern to Kirk (Technical Director) and I. We got our bug zappers at the ready and went into the source code to find some reasonable concerns.

Kirk Fletcher – Technical Director

It appeared that our processing threads for Jeff’s account were growing larger than we had anticipated. This was down to the fact that, as Craig mentioned before, we were having to process well over 300,000 individual twitter accounts so that our system could give them their tweet Rocket scores. The original system was designed to perform this action in one cycle, however with such a large number it was falling over itself attempting to do so. This highlighted something that we should have probably built a fail safe in for earlier. We would have to separate our processing into smaller chunks so that the system could better load balance and our algorithms could run as fast as ever. It had us sweating for a while, but this was the last real test that Tweet Rocket needed.

So there you have it, thanks to one of the world biggest social media influencers simply hitting ‘sign up’ you all have a much more efficient, faster and better Tweet Rocket.

Thank you Jeff!

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Image courtesy of Jeff’s linkedin profile