Rate your Twitter Account with Swift Score

Swift Score’s Conception.

After a successful re-brand the team decided to celebrate with a 24 hour Hack-a-thon to see what we could build to give back to the community. We started by asking ourselves some questions. As a twitter user what info would you be interested in that isn’t otherwise accessible to you, the eventual answer? A way to score your twitter account, a simple tool that can give you an idea of not only how healthy your account is but prod you in the right direction in how to improve it too.

So we began, as the designers started on the visuals the dev team got to work on the functionality. After deciding to hold back on a few features that would not make the cut in the time frame we had set (don’t worry these are coming) we began to see the page coming together. All were extremely excited. 1 working day later we had what we decided to name, Swift Score  a simple way to rate your twitter profile and Swift Socials first ever free tool!

Giphy / GIPHY - via Iframely

Why do I need to know my Swift Score?

Quite simply, why wouldn’t you : ) It’s a simple tool that offers great value. Simply enter your twitter Handle (e.g @swftsocial) and you get returned a beautiful page of results that should look something not too far from the screenshot below. Not only do you get a visual representation of how you twitter account is doing, but you also get some handy tips on certain areas that you can improve on. Following these tips will help you grow your followers, improve your account and create a better representation of yourself on twitter. Failing that you can also improve your twitter account by simply signing up with Swift Social for as little as $9 per month.

results of swift score - rate your twitter account

If you fancy checking your score or a friends then head on over here to check your twitter score. Or if you are interested in checking out how Swift Social can improve your twitter following then head on over to the homepage to find out more.